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Sync and Panaroma Coming to Firefox 4

Firefox is a popular internet browser and millions of people prefer it to Internet Explorer, Safari, or any other browsers, including Google Chrome. There are many reasons why Firefox is so appealing. It is very stable and will work when other browsers will give nothing but error messages. While it has its little quirks, users tend to love Firefox with a passion. There are many plug-ins for the browsers, from useful ones that will help you remember your to do lists to amusing ones that will simply occasionally give you a funny insult. The ability to change the skin to suit your mood is another great feature of Firefox.

Now, Firefox is getting even better. It was about a month ago that Tab Candy was revealed. This feature is  designed to make managing your tabs easier than ever before. In order to locate the tabs you want quickly, it will show you an overview of all your tabs. You can also organize your tabs into convenient groups. Tab Candy was available only in alpha form but this great new feature will be making its way to Firefox 4 where it will be called Firefox Panorama. It will make it much easier for those who enjoy having multiple tabs to do what they like.

Sync will be a welcome addition for those who enjoy services such as social networking. Many times you have to trade your personal data, such as the websites that you frequently visit, what emails you send, and even who your friends are, in exchange for services like social networking or bookmark syncing. While this can make things very convenient, privacy is still an issue. It boils down to users having to choose who gets their information and then they wonder what their information is going to be used for.

With Sync, all information will be encoded with a strong crypto before it is ever uploaded. This ensures that your information is safe. A secret phrase will control the encryption and that phrase will stay right with Mozilla. In fact, even Mozilla will not be able to see your data so you know that your information is safe with Firefox.


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