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Twitter Exploit lets Users Add Themselves to Your Following List

If you have seen someone on your list of people you are following and thought I don't remember adding them, you might not have. There is an exploit in Twitter that is letting people be added to your following list as reported by John Chow.

You don't have to give permission they are adding themselves. Once they add themselves to your Twitter following list they send you loads of spam through direct messages or @reply.

People who have a large list of people that they are following will probably not notice a few more. They may notice when they start receiving more spam messages than usual. It might be a good idea to do some housecleaning on Twitter.

What makes matter worse is these spammers are making their Tweets private. Unless you are following them you cannot tell if they are only out to spam your account. Unless you enjoy reading how you can make your love life better with Viagra, or how you can become a millionaire in a month I suggest you reexamine you Twitter following list very carefully.

Have you found spammers on your Twitter following list?


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