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Twitter Keeps Growing

Twitter has become a valuable tool for anyone who needs to use social media to promote their business or their website. A simple tweet has the ability to get people to respond, visit your site, and can help you make sales. Tweets can even become viral, with many people retweeting to spread your message to family and friends which helps your sales greatly.


If you have not jumped on the Twitter bandwagon yet, you should. This summer Twitter usage increased by a whopping 33 percent. That means that while people were vacationing this summer, they were also tweeting a lot. While some of the tweets were people who were just letting friends and family know what they were doing on their vacations and that they were okay, other tweets were from companies who were looking to grab the attention of the summer increase in tweets. Some of those companies may have been your business rivals if you have an online business, and if you are not plugged into Twitter, then you are letting them get a head start on potential traffic that could be yours.


Still not convinced? Then consider the fact that in August alone, 85 million tweets were made on Twitter every single day. That kind of traffic is not something that you want to ignore. The increase is even more obvious if you look at the past year's traffic. Twitter activity has doubled this year alone. In fact, August had many more tweets than January did - 115% more.


It's a great time to jump on the Twitter bandwagon and get noticed. With more people tweeting than ever before, it give you the opportunity to touch markets and users that you might not have been able to get the attention of before. Twitter can be a powerful tool for anyone who is looking to increase their traffic or just to get their brand out there. Have you successfully used Twitter for your business?


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