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Businesses to Claim Locations on Twitter

Twitter introduced its Places feature in June and since then, twitterers have been able to geo-tag their tweets. Although this feature has been made use of by twitter users, it has not really seen much development or expansion in its use until recently.

Twitter recently took its Places feature a step further by allowing businesses to claim a location. The function of this feature is to give a permanent url to a particular location and a list of all those who have recently tweeted from that location and their tweets.

This expansion of the places feature puts twitter almost in direct competition with other location-based services such as Facebook Places and Gowalla. It could also be a really handy tool for businesses, especially start ups with a limited advertising budget. However, the only business that was claimed was Twitter Hq.

Twitter released a response to Mahable saying:

“Claiming Twitter Places is not available at this time. We’re experimenting with a variety features. Allowing businesses to claim a Place is a natural thing to consider for the future.”

What do you think of this move by Twitter? Is it a feature you might take advantage of? Share your opinions.


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