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Why Business Professionals Need To Be Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest social media site for business professionals. It has over 40 million members. LinkedIn is a site that enables business professionals to increase their network and connections, and build their business. For a business owner, or professional business person a social network is a business asset.

LinkedIn is a virtual social environment with tremendous networking capabilities because it is possible to see not only your own connections , but also the people who are connected to your contacts. LinkedIn enables you to connect with strategic people very quickly and easily.

What are the benefits for business professionals to be part of the LinkedIn community?

Firstly LinkedIn allows you to expose your professional brand around to a large number of people. When you sign up for a free LinkedIn account you fill in a detailed profile. This profile acts as your online calling card which people can view 24/7.

Secondly, LinkedIn has incredible networking capabilities and allows you to connect with anyone you want to meet easily. People who are on LinkedIn ,are there in order to make connections and help one another. If one of your contacts is connected with a person you want to meet, you are just one phone call away from being introduced to that person.

Thirdly, LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise. There are many groups that you can join and then participate in discussions in that group. By answering questions and participating in discussions, group members get to know you and will recognize your expertise and knowledge.

Through LinkedIn, members frequently offer and receive opportunities for business, strategic alliances, jobs, and career advancement. LinkedIn can be used as a sales tool with many opportunities to find and connect with your target market, to prospect for new business, generate leads and also learn about your competition.

LinkedIn functions like a search engine. For example if your target market is HR professionals, you can do a search for HR professionals, and even narrow your search to your local area. LinkedIn will quickly tell you how many HR professionals are on the site, and then will tell you who your closest connection is. Then that person will be able to introduce you to a particular individual.

Completing your personal profile with as much detail as possible is important and strategic both in finding connections and being found by people who are looking for your expertise. By listing your previous work history and education details, you can connect with former colleagues and alumni. The more people you connect with, the more access you have to a larger number of people through those connections. A search engine function enables you to find contacts and opportunities very easily.

As with any other social media site, getting to know people and participating actively is important to achieve any result you are looking for. People do business with people they know, like and trust, and LinkedIn creates a virtual community that can open up many opportunities for active participants.


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