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Bing Powers Organic Yahoo Search Results

In the United States and Canada, organic search results from Yahoo are now powered by Bing. Web, image, and video searches are all powered by Bing on both mobile and desktop devices. More markets are expected to come soon.


So what does this mean for you? While Bing is powering organic search results, Yahoo still powers their search advertising, or PPC, platform. However, they will only power it until later this year when the Microsoft Adcenter will be integrated. You should adjust your holiday marketing strategy because the integration should be finished in October. Your paid search campaigns will need to be able to run on Adcenter. Expect that the pricing for cost-to-click will change as well.


There will be an increase in the paid search inventory on the Microsoft Adcenter as the integration of Adcenter and Bing goes to Yahoo Search properties all over the world. This increase will bring more advertisers and a more volatile auction for clicks. As the inventory increases, you can expect the price of cost-per-click to increase as well.


Bing stands to benefit from a huge goldmine of knowledge about users' search behavior because Yahoo has been collecting it. Bing will most likely be able to improve their index. End user data about search behavior is important because it sends strong signals to search engines about how they can perfect the search experience and algorithm.


Another change that is coming is in searches done from mobile devices. Yahoo has made a lot of moves in areas such as South East Asia and South America. Bing will benefit from this, as searches done from mobile devices are expected to increase.


It may seem surprising that Yahoo will have Bing syndicating its search results but it really is nothing new. Inktomi, AltaVista, and Google used to fill in the backfill results for Yahoo before it had its own crawler. The combination of Yahoo and Bing will create an alternative to Google for the first time. It is expected to attract more advertisers, advertising budgets, and auction competition as people switch from Google to the new Bing-powered Yahoo.


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