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Electronics Recycling on the Rise

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So your computer is basically dead in the water and to fix it you will find it will be more beneficial to just go buy a new one. Well in today’s ecologically minded world the electronics one just doesn’t toss that computer into the trash.


It is estimated that 20 to 50 million tons of electronics go to the dump, called e-trash, every year. E-waste is one of the world’s fastest growing parts of our municipal solid waste stream and it is now makes up to 5 percent of all trash at our local solid waste locations.


Today, engineers are taken notice of the electronics that contain a small fortune in valuable materials. Recycling of course means that it will lower net carbon emissions which contribute to global warming. Electronics are made with lead, cadmium and brominates fire retardants and I don’t believe anyone really wants to digest those chemicals from drinking from their water supply.


The Consumer Electronics Association, who represents electronic manufacturers are encouraging people to recycle their own e-waste and have set up a website to make it simple to do so for consumers. Log into their website at and you will be able to search by your zip code for drop off points and you will find a category there as well. Also they provide consumers with tips about recycling their electronics. They have even provided a nifty little energy calculator which will tell you about each product and how much is flowing for the products uses.


So before you go putting those electronics to the curb think about going green and recycle them, it’s just makes sense in our world to do our part to prevent global warming.


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