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Great News for Finance Professionals on the Go

There's good news for finance professionals. Google Finance is now offered for the Android and the iPhone. The mobile version has almost all of the same functionality and features as the popular version that is used on desktops. This means that busy finance professionals everywhere will be able to stay up to date no matter where they are. Google does well about listening to users and when users asked for a way to be able to keep up with the markets while they went about their own busy lives, Google listened.


The market never sleeps but no one can be at their desktop computer every hour of every day. Now those who need to stay on top of the market will be able to check their portfolio, find out the latest in the market news, check on the sectors they are interested in, and even get real time data and quotes all from their iPhones or Androids. You can access Google Finance from your mobile device when you tap the tab that says "finance" on the homepage for Google Mobile. You can also do a Google search for a company name or a stock ticker to access the Google Finance page. Android users can find an app in the Android Market.


Since the market is always on the go, it is important for anyone who has money tied up in the market to be able to find out how things are going in an instant. If you are going to have a busy day and check your portfolio early in the morning, and can't get back to your desk to check it again until late that evening, you could be in for a nasty surprise once you get back online. If you are able to check your portfolio while you wait in the doctor's office or in line at your grocery store, you'll know exactly where you stand and what's coming next. It's a great way to ensure that your money stays where it should and that you are always in the know.


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