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India develops Worlds cheapest laptop

It was announced today that India has designed the world’s cheapest laptop, which includes a touch screen computing device for the cost of $35.00.


Kapil Sibal who is India’s Human Resource Development Minister, stated that they have unveiled the low cost computing device which was and is intended for students. They are now in talks with global manufacturers to start mass producing these laptops.


In their development stage their motherboard, chip, the processing along with the connectivity totaled an accumulative cost of around $35.00 which they add does include the memory, display – all of it.


The touch screen is packed with internet browser, PDF reader and video conferencing, however, the hardware was created with sufficient flexibility to incorporate newer components according to each user’s requirement.


The Linux based computing device is being expected to be introduced to higher education institutions however, the aim is to drop this price further to $20.00 and with high expectations to have it go as low as $10.00.


This laptop was developed by research teams in India’s premier technological institutes, the Indian Institute of Technology as well as the Indian Institute of Science.


Today India spends approximately three percent of their annual budget on education and their literacy rates have now improved to well over 64 per cent of their population.


I guess I am wondering, is this laptop device that has been created going to be “you get what you pay for” scenerios?


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