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More issues for Android’s growth

Google’s Android platform is continuing to have commercial development problems due to the rampant application piracy and limitations it has in security along with their international sales in the Google store.


According to reports, Jay Yarow of the Silicon Alley Insider also is a developer of one of the Androids’ top ten apps is seeing 97 percent of the players are coming from Asia and they are using an illegal copy, with 70 percent coming from Europe and then 43 percent in North America.


This game is called Radiant and it is selling for $2.40 however, Android users are finding it far more delightful to pirate the game. The Android platform is way too easy of a platform to be able to steal the developer’s work and not pay a cent. Google’s solution to this is to allow the developers to phone home at regular intervals to see if they are being pirated and then shutting them down if they are found to be pirated.


The problems do not stem from piracy alone, for someone to even create software business that is above board is a difficult task in itself and not due to the out of control piracy going on. It is due in fact to Google only supporting paid apps sales in 13 out of the 46 countries it is currently available in.


When it comes to Apple, who supports paid downloads for their third party app store there are developers in 90 countries across the world. Apple has globally installed a base that is four times larger then Android which is in part due to iPod touch and the users of iPad. In the United States there are three of the top four mobile carriers that can’t carry the iPhone and Apple’s smart phone still has an install base which is twice the size of Android even before you consider counting the other iOS devices.


Commercially it all adds up to attractive bases of buyers that will are more appealing to developers. On average, Apples’ App Store also has the characteristics of the least expensive apps then any other platform and also has a high average price in their top grossing applications. This demonstrates a practical market for low priced volume apps as well as those fancy apps that could command and more then likely do a higher price.


Google’s Android Market has really not where to go on a globally having reached it’s limits along with the fact that it has come under attack from top Android developers  stating Google has allowed widespread copyright infringements along with their sloppy policy in their app approval. Developers are also saying that Google has poor security for user’s data and they are allowing developers to collect inappropriate information from the users with out their consent.


In order for Google to grab a hold of this market it will need to secure its iOS or it will most definitely loose its lead in being able to offer a viable market for developer and they will end up with listing that will not be updated and will have low quality hobbyist mobile software that currently makes up for the vast majority of competition in the mobile software market today.



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