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Rackspace Open Source Cloud Platform

Rackspace is to announce the release of their new open source, which will allow a user to build and launch their very own internal and hosted clouds.

It is being called OpenStack and this Apache licensed project will feature several cloud infrastructure components. It will include the capability to distribute an object store based on Rackspace Cloud Files.

It will also initially offer a scalable compute provisioning engine based upon NASA Nebula cloud technology. Rackspace Cloud Servers technology is expected to be available sometime later this year.

Rackspace has hosted this enterprise computing for a good number of years and the use cases of OpenStack software is a compatible partnership for both the software enterprises.

It is also a good thing to note that this software powers a good deal of Rackspace’s cloud infrastructure. It definitely is not a new casual new open source project. This software is being proven for in production and more then likely supplies a good confidence level for those interested.

If you are a smart company you don’t want to get locked in to a specific technology or a certain cloud provider at this time. The market is promising and many have spent a great deal of money with their efforts and find that they are confined to a particular VM provider.

This project has the potential to soar with the opportunities in open source cloud infrastructures.


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