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2012 Online Video Forecast – Video Marketing / Blogging News Jan 10th

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Checklist For Upgrading Your YouTube Channel + MORE - Video Marketing News For Mar 7th

Here's today's update on the latest in Video Marketing News. Make sure you check out the topic below: "Checklist For Upgrading Your YouTube Channel" YouTube is a great source for traffic that very few people spend any time trying to master. Spend a little time and effort on your YouTube Channe.... More »
OK…I just noticed I haven’t published an updated “Round Up” in almost a month…..sorry!!! We’ve been hard at work on a few new WordPress Plugins that we’re going to release in the coming weeks so stay tuned.

Today’s round up is on Video Marketing. I can tell you that we have really started to see the impact of traffic from Videos. If you did a search for some of our products you would see more than 1 video close to the top of the page. So, if you haven’t tried video then give it a try and let me know how it works for you.

Below you’ll find a few interesting developments regrading online video…like, “2012 Online Video Forecast – All About Connecting And Connections”.

Let me know if you’ve tried video and what has worked for you. Also, if you could take a minute and either tweet or Facebook like this post that would be awesome!

Help January’s “On The Rise” nominees reach the homepage! -

Happy 2012! The new year brings with it a new batch of talented YouTube partners for the January edition of our monthly On The Rise program.For those new to the series, here’s how it works: we identify four YouTube Partners who are steadily growing but haven’t yet hit the 100,000 subscriber mark…
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Eyeview Raises Over $5 Million, Personalized Video Ads Will Be Your Future -

Eyeview Raises Over $5 Million, Personalized Video Ads Will Be Your FutureAdvertisers’ main goal in online video is getting a relevant ad to the right kind of video so that the audience is more likely to watch it.  Another goal is to make an ad that can be shown all over the country (or world) but have specific information exclusive to each city.  The way an advertiser does that on TV is to make however many versions of that ad with new text that is needed…
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2012 Online Video Forecast – All About Connecting And Connections -

2012 Online Video Forecast - All About Connecting And ConnectionsSince 2011 is over and we’re rapidly hurtling toward the end of the world, or at least, the end of the Mayan calender, I asked everyone what they thought 2012 would have in store for online video. As I said in my online video advertising forecast, politics is going to be a major factor across the board in my mind…
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Opportunity for music publishers and songwriters – January 16 deadline -

YouTube has become a thriving music ecosystem of emerging and established artists, where original music and creative covers can reach an audience of millions. We want to continue to recognize songwriters for their artistic contribution to this community. To this end, last year YouTube announced a new opportunity for thousands of music publishers – and the millions of songwriters they represent – to make money from the use of their music in YouTube videos uploaded by fans…
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YouTube News – Qwikster, Netflix, Social Video, and Google Hangouts -


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