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Display Ad Specialist “Dapper” Acquired by Yahoo

Yahoo, Inc. has announced that Dapper, an company dealing in both creating and optimizing display ad campaigns, is now Yahoo's property. The acquisition should excite Yahoo fans for several reasons as Dapper has an impressive list of clients and partners (DoubleClick, Expedia, Microsoft, etc.) and also, Yahoo happens to be a current partner of Dapper's.

Dapper touts itself as enabling agencies and advertisers to quickly and easily build creative and dynamic ads, leveraging data to automatically show the right product, message, or offer with each impression.

It's unclear as to how obvious the acquisition will be as Yahoo has indicated that Smart Ads will continue to be an important component of display advertising, and Dapper will work to help Yahoo more efficiently deliver dynamic and personalized ads for customers.

This is definitely an interesting development for advertisers out there, especially those who are customers of Yahoo. This could greatly impact the campaigns offered.


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