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Google Launches DoubleClick for Publishers

In March 2008, Google acquired DoubleClick for US $3.1 billion in cash. Last year Google unveiled the DoubleClick Ad Exchange, which matched ad buyers looking for a discount with ad sellers.

This week, Google unveiled a new ad-serving platform designed to assist online publishers with fulfilling their ad inventory. Bringing together the DoubleClick DART for Publishers and Google Ad Manager products, the new platform will be available in two versions: DoubleClick For Publishers, for large sites, and DFP Small Business, a free version for smaller sites.

The transition for DoubleClick For Publishers to replace DART for Publishers will happen over the next year. However, Google Ad Manager customers will be upgraded to DFP Small Business over the next few weeks.

Publishers will see a new redesigned user interface, more detailed reporting and forecasting data, improved ad performance and delivery algorithms, a new, public API, and integration with the new DoubleClick Ad Exchange's "dynamic allocation" feature, which enables publishers open their bids to multiple networks.

The upgrade will give Web publishers a better way to control where their clients' ads appear and Google believes it can give display advertisers the same amount of precision and analytical tools that are available for text advertisers.


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