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Google Updated their Google News

Today Google has recently released a newly redesigned version of their Google News section for U.S. users. The main focus of this update is that they are trying present news stories occurring all around the world and they want to provide a user customizable for individual users. They have a "News for you" section which is shows stories in sections or in a list view based on what the user's interest in topics involve such as Tech, Business, Sports, Entertainment, Health, or user specified subjects.

To cancel the customizations then choose the reset personalization button.  The customization will let you decide on the news sources you would like to view through the "news setting" option.

The larger news stories of the day named "Top Stories" are shown on the left-hand side of the column. Now on the right-hand of the column they now have a location for local breaking news and less time specific news.  Users will be able to find the most recent stories, local news and weather. They also have a Spotlight section which shows relevant stories over time.

Google said these sources will rank lower or higher for the user but not for others in the Google News' story clusters and search results.  Google added shortcuts to make the navigation easier throughout Google News. When you hit the question mark key while in Google News it will provide a popup list of additional shortcuts you can use.

Google has also added links to topics that many other news outlets are covering and they will be listed in the Top Stories section so that you won't miss the major news posted throughout the day.


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