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Your Business Has A Website: Now What?

Like a house, your website requires regular maintenance and upkeep to get the best results.  Some business owners misguidedly feel that once a web design is selected and the site is built, it’s completely done. However, this is not the case, even if your web design and construction is flawless.

Your website is where your business’ exists on the internet. It may be your first point of contact with a potential client or a tool for maintaining contact with your established client base.

Although it is possible for a new site to bring results initially, your website must maintain the direction of your business and continue to meet client needs for the long haul.  Frequent evaluation of how well your site meets the needs of customers and determining just how visible you are in comparison to your competition on the search engines is a must.

In short, launching a new web design or maintaining a website successfully requires planning.  This involves:

* identifying the immediate and future goals of a site
* instituting a way of measuring site performance in light of these goals
* reviewing site traffic, navigation patterns, search engine ranking, referring sites, etc
* tweaking your web design, functionality and seo strategy based upon your metrics
* reassess your goals for your site to match the reality of your business

Ensuring that your website and business work towards the same goal is an ongoing process.


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