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5 Goals To Website Development

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The goal of your website is to get the most traffic to your site that will turn from potential consumers to buyers.  Sometimes we forget that increasing traffic on our websites isn’t enough.  Search engine optimization will help you get your website where it needs to be, but without the proper techniques on website development you will still not make the sale. Keep in mind that search engine optimization is intertwined with development.  At every step of website development you have to think about getting your pages into the search engine where consumers can find you.  We will be looking at the top tips on website development below in order to increase your traffic and make the sales.

  • Keywords can be broken down into two categories.  You have short and long tail keywords.  Many companies head straight for the short keywords because they have the most play.  Short tail keywords are broad, and used by many consumers.  For large companies short tail keywords work well.  However, if you are a smaller business with no brand recognition you have to look at the long tail keywords.  Long tail keywords are actually a phrase of words that match and narrow the focus of what you sell.  For example pet supplies is generic, but pet supplies for cats tells the searcher exactly what you sell.  The consumer with a cat knows they can shop at your store, while other consumers with other pets may not find what they are looking for.
  • Once you have chosen your long tail keywords you have to decide where you will put them.  Each page of your website must have a different topic.  You will not mesh ideas on one page.  If you sell cat and dog supplies, you should have two pages.  Your keywords should reflect those choices.
  • Keep your website development simple.  Too many graphics and images will provide lower rankings and traffic.  While many of us have upgraded our computers there are still 50 percent of the clientele with slower computers and internet.  The time your site takes for downloading will get your lower rankings from the search engine which hurts your traffic volume.
  • Web development allows you to use cells and tables on the pages.  In fact a web page is like a spread sheet.  You have specific areas you need to fill in on the pages whether you use templates or not.  You will have a logo cell, menu, text, etc. to place your content.
  • All tags, especially meta tags must be good and very descriptive. Each page should have different keywords in the meta tags.  Make sure you limit the words you repeat in the meta tags as well.

Website development is about the content and styles of your pages.  You have to have the right keywords, graphics, navigation, and pages on your site to interest consumers.  By following the tips provided above you have a better chance of creating a better website to get you more sales.


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